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 Presentations and Workshops by Eben Fodor


I have provided keynote presentations, professional speaking engagements, and workshops on urban growth topics all across the country. Each presentation is customized to meet your local needs. Some popular topics include the following:

"Taking Charge of Urban Growth" based around topics in my book, Better, Not Bigger: How to Take Control of Urban Growth and Improve Your Community, which addresses the why's and how's of urban growth management.

"Re-Framing the Urban Growth Debate" focuses on raising the bar for local dialogue on this topic by critically evaluating the common mythology that "all growth is good," and the associated beliefs that are often treated as facts in planning and land use matters. It covers a range of topics and challenges people to think more critically and constructively about growth issues. Since people seem to really appreciate getting good facts, I try to use the best available information and data sources and avoid too much commentary.

"The Cost of Growth" examines in detail the fiscal impacts of urban growth, growth subsidies, and use of development impact fees. This topic makes an excellent workshop for those interested in gaining a clear understanding of this confusing topic. A "lite" version of this information is usually included in the above presentation as well.

Alternatively, there are a number of interesting issues/topics I have presented -- individually or in combination. They include:

  • The Economics And Politics of Growth (the Urban Growth Machine)
  • The Imbalance in Land Use Decision-Making (related to above)
  • Planning in a Finite World/Sustainable Community Planning (principals for long-term, ecological planning, practical steps toward sustainability)
  • Re-thinking Urban Growth (public opinion and education)
  • Taking Charge of Urban Growth - What Works? (growth-neutral policies, slow-growth policies, positive change policies, etc.)
  • Valuing Open Space (public opinions about open space, values of open space and resources and strategies for land conservation)

Availability and Cost


It's always best to schedule a presentation three months in advance to assure greater availability and optimize event planning. Occasionally it is possible to make arrangements with less lead time, so don't hesitate to ask.

My income comes entirely from my consulting business, so each engagement must cover expenses and provide some compensation. My speaking fee depends largely on what the program looks like (i.e., number of activities and days), the total travel time, and number of layover nights involved. In addition to preparation, each event typically requires a significant amount of planning, coordination, and logistical time. That said, my costs are among the lowest of any national speaker who is not a university professor.

Please contact me through my business to inquire about availability and cost. Email inquiries generally work best.

Best regards!

Eben Fodor

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