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Land Use Consulting Services


As a professional planner, Eben Fodor represents clients in various types of land use cases and planning actions. Good planning assures that land use changes and development proposals serve community needs, are consistent with community plans and regulations, and are compatible with the neighborhood. He has knowledge and experience in the application of state and local land use laws and the Oregon Land Use Planning System. With degrees in Urban and Regional Planning, Mechanical Engineering, and Environmental Studies, he can accurately assess the many technical issues related to a safe, sanitary, and properly designed development.


Mr. Fodor is an experienced advocate for responsible land use that is compatible and harmonious with the surrounding land uses and meets local planning goals and development policies. Mr. Fodor has represented hundreds of clients in Oregon and around the country to help them resolve development conflicts and mitigate negative impacts. He knows the resources, consultants and attorneys that can help you prevail in your case.


Mr. Fodor can provide a range of professional services including land use case analysis, land use applilcations, evaluation of appeal opportunities options for prevailing, preparation of a strategic plan to achieve your goals, creation of a legal record that effectively supports your concerns, preparation of oral and written testimony on your behalf, delivery or filing of necessary documents, reviewing local land use plans, codes, policies and procedures, and conducting legal research and evaluation of legal precedents. We can also perform an economic or fiscal impact analysis of a proposed development, where this is an important factor.


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