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Development Impact Analysis & Impact Fees

A development impact analysis or fiscal impact analysis provides important information that helps public officials and citizens make smart, informed decisions about the future of their community. These decisions often involve commitments of millions of dollars for public services and facilities.

We can evaluate all of the likely impacts of proposed development on your community. An impact analysis can be performed for a specific development, proposed land use changes, or future growth projections. It can be a comprehensive analsyis, or focus on any element, including: population, housing, schools, tax revenues, and the cost of expanded services and infrastructure.

Basic public services and infrastructure for new development include roads, schools, water and sewer services, parks and recreation, stormwater drainage, police and fire protection, libraries, and administration. It is the cost of this infrastructure that typically generates the greatest fiscal impact on local governments. If desired, our Community Impact Analysis Model can be used to provide a very quick intitial estimate of likely fiscal impacts of any type of land development -- and we can customize the model to meet your specific needs.

Impact fees can provide critical revenues for communities struggling to finance the capital facilities new growth requires. Impact fees are charges to new development that directly offset the costs of expanding infrastructure to serve that development. Without impact fees, these capital costs are typically funded through bonds that are repaid via taxes on all property owners.

We can help you establish equitable impact fees that help assure new growth pays it's fair share and isn't a burden on taxpayers. We can help you create a more-flexible impact fee system that helps you achieve your planning and growth management goals, encourages affordable housing and redevelopment, and supports infill and density in the places you want. We can also evaluate your current fee system to determine whether it is adequately meeting your needs and conforming to current laws.

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